Empower your IoT solutions with decentralized blockchain security. Store sensor data with confidence. Transparent, Immutable, and Scalable.

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Blockchain-Enabled Platform

Revolutionize IoT Data Security

Enhance your IoT networks with our decentralized cybersecurity solution, mint sensor values onto a private blockchain, and secure your transactions, ensuring IoT data is safely recorded and managed within a permissioned network.

Experience seamless communication and scalability with our state-of-the-art cross-compatible platform.

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IoT Defender Features

IoT Defender enhances your IoT applications with our advanced infrastructure powered by Hyperledger Fabric. Enjoy the flexibility of private blockchain integration. Benefit from the adaptable, privacy-oriented architecture that can enhance centralized solutions.

Secure Data Handling

Confidently mint IoT sensor values to blockchain, securing your information while ensuring your data is protected by the highest security standards..

Data Immutability

Data stored on our blockchain is part of an immutable record, meaning once entered, it cannot be changed or deleted. This permanence ensures a secure and trustworthy history of transactions.

Security and Privacy

Iot Defender permissioned private blockchain network provides unparalleled security and privacy for user IoT data, ensuring that only authorized participants have access.

Flexible Architecture

Scale with your needs. Our network adapts effortlessly, whether you're connecting a few sensors or managing a vast IoT device network, ensuring seamless performance and scalability.

Enhanced Data Transparency

By utilizing blockchain technology, Iot Defender ensures transparent and verifiable data transactions.

Seamless Integration

We provide a suite of JSON APIs designed for developers to interact with our platform effortlessly

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Unlock seamless IoT data integration with our blockchain-secured model. Experience unmatched reliability, security, and efficiency. Choose the perfect plan to power your connected future with confidence and control.


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5000 API Calls

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25,000 API Calls

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50,000 API Calls

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100,000 API Calls

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250,000 API Calls

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Unlimited API Calls

Unlimited Bandwidth

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